HLOOKUP function. Pursuit of a benefits in top row of a counter or many principles, and then return a worth in identical line from a-row one specify during the dining table or range.

HLOOKUP function. Pursuit of a benefits in top row of a counter or many principles, and then return a worth in identical line from a-row one specify during the dining table or range.

Trick: use new XLOOKUP work, an increased version of HLOOKUP that actually works in any direction and revenue actual fits automagically, making it easier plus much more simple to use than its predecessor.

This short article talks of the ingredients syntax and usage of the HLOOKUP purpose in Microsoft Excel.


Incorporate HLOOKUP when your contrast standards are located in a row over the roof of a dinner table of info, and you choose to look down a specified range lines. Make use of VLOOKUP if your assessment values are situated in a column to the left of records you need to come.

The H in HLOOKUP signifies “Horizontal.”


HLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, row_index_num, [range_lookup])

The HLOOKUP features syntax has got the following reasons:

Lookup_value involved. The value that can be found in the 1st line regarding the table. Lookup_value might end up being a value, a reference, or a text string.

Table_array need. a counter of real information in which information is checked right up. Utilize a reference to an assortment or a range brand.

The beliefs in the first row of table_array is often articles, figures, or rational worth.

If range_lookup does work, the ideals in the 1st line of table_array must put into rising order: . -2, -1, 0, 1, 2. , A-Z, FALSE, TRUE; normally, HLOOKUP cannot required appropriate benefits. If range_lookup is definitely FAKE, table_array does not need to generally be classified.

Uppercase and lowercase text were equal.

Classify the standards in ascending purchase, handled by right. For additional information, see type reports in a selection or table.

Row_index_num Required. The row amount in table_array from which the matching advantages are came back. A row_index_num of 1 returns 1st row advantage in table_array, a row_index_num of 2 comes back the other strip worth in table_array, and so forth. If row_index_num is less than 1, HLOOKUP returns the #VALUE! problem advantage; if row_index_num try higher than how many lines on table_array, HLOOKUP comes back the #REF! mistakes advantages.

Range_lookup Optional. a sensible value that determine whether that you want HLOOKUP to obtain a precise match or an approximate fit. If REAL or overlooked, an approximate fit is came back. Put simply, if a detailed fit is not found, the other greatest advantage which below lookup_value happens to be came home. If FALSE, HLOOKUP can get the precise complement. If a person just realized, the problem value #N/A is actually returned.


If HLOOKUP aren’t able to find lookup_value, and range_lookup is TRUE, they utilizes the most important advantage that will be less than lookup_value.

If lookup_value was smaller compared to the tiniest worth in the 1st strip of table_array, HLOOKUP return the #N/A blunder price.

If range_lookup is definitely FALSE and lookup_value is definitely articles, you need the wildcard characters, question-mark (?) and asterisk (*), in lookup_value. An issue mark suits any solitary individual; an asterisk fits any series of figures. When you need to get a hold of a true question mark or asterisk, kind a tilde (

) before the character.


Replicate the model reports inside correct stand, and paste it in cells A1 of the latest shine worksheet. For remedies to display listings, locate all of them, newspapers F2, and then push Start. If you want to, you can alter the column widths to determine every information.

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